Trademark Watch

Protect your IP with our advanced trademark watch and trademark monitoring services

Professional Trademark Watching and Trademark Monitoring Services, Bangalore India

With new companies being created globally on a daily basis, it is of paramount importance to monitor the safety of your trademark. 

Get a Trusted Trademark Watching Service

Trademark watch service allows filing a timely opposition by detecting any trademark request that is at the publication stage which is likely to infringe on your trademark. This procedure allows you to respond to potential infringement with our expert trademark watch team. We will safeguard your valuable brand by keeping watch over any likelihood of infringement.

Different types of Trademark Watching and Monitoring

Our global trademark watch and trademark monitoring service cover over 180 available jurisdictions worldwide. We provide comprehensive monitoring and protection of your trademark against infringement and send regular detailed reports of pending applications. 

  • Local trademark watch services
  • Regional trademark watch services
  • Global trademark watch services

Trademark Watch/Monitoring services

Our team of the expert trademark analysts will keep watch to safeguard your brand by timely detecting any infringement. We will alert when similar or identical trademarks to your brands are being filed in any of the trademark registration offices in the world. 

  • US: Federal (USPTO), WIPO*
  • EU Full: 28 EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, EUIPO, WIPO*
  • Global: 28 EU countries, EUIPO, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand plus all international WIPO marks (88 countries)
  • Nordic: Sweeden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, WIPO*, **
  • Single Countries: Pick any of 28 EU countries, EUIPO, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, WIPO.

Safeguard your valuable brands from potential infringement with expert global watching/monitoring services and solutions.