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Copyright Registration Services

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Registering your creative works under Copyright laws protect legal rights and acts as a defense against any legal claim or case of infringement and plagiarism. Such registration sets the records straight as the source of the data is submitted to the official government authority.

You need copyright to protect the creation of your mind – your brainchild – covering literary, drama, music and artistic works and procedures of films and sound recordings.

To protect your creation, you will have to get copyright it which is why we are here for you.

By protecting your brainchild, we will be providing a foolproof way to prevent your work from being duplicated by an infringing party. Copyright will also let you dictate how your work will be translated, adapted or reproduced.

Copyright Registration Services

We provide following services in copyright registration, infringement, and litigation

  • Infringement and validity advice
  • Filing and prosecuting applications for registration of Copyright in India and internationally
  • Litigation: Cancellation proceedings, appeals, civil suits and criminal actions for infringement
  • Post Registration Services
  • Anti-piracy measures
  • Assignment, licensing and transfer
  • Specific agreements related to IP protection

Though copyright registration is not a mandatory requirement, it is recommended highly for the purpose of protecting your intellectual property rights in case of a court case. As soon as your creative work comes into existence, you get the copyright protection automatically as an author. However, it may be difficult to establish proof of ownership without a copyright registration document.

The registration document acts a valid proof of ownership and can prevent future challenges to your rights in the work.