Trademark and IP Lawyer Chennai, India is one of a leading intellectual property firm based in Chennai, India. We are a one-stop destination for tailor-made intellectual property services including drafting agreements, deeds, and claims, trademark search, trademark registration, copyright, industrial design, the filing of patent applications, handling intellectual property disputes and litigation.

Patent Portfolio
Improve company's brand value and accelerate business growth with the development of a large patent portfolio. Manage a diverse range of patent to steer success and establish a leadership position in the industry. Talk to our expert IP lawyers to discuss patent portfolio management needs.
Patent Registration
Registering your intellectual property is a significant step in gaining exclusive legal rights to your trademark. Our IP registration services help from filing a trademark application to attending opposition hearings. Our team of experienced IP lawyers understands every aspect of trademark registration process to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.
IP Evaluation
Intellectual properties such as trademark, copyright, patents and industrial designs have become an indispensable asset to an organization. Our intelligent and smarter IP management solutions can enable your organization to streamline and strengthen strategic decisions.
Copyrights & Trademarks
Protect your business by registering your copyright works, trademarks, service marks, etc. from possible infringements. Benefit from one of the recognized intellectual property firm in Bengaluru, India offering competent and affordable Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) solutions which include Patents, Designs, Copyrights, and Trademarks.
Defensive Publication
Do you constantly worry how to protect your innovations and inventions in the fast-growing digital era? Well, talk to our IP attorneys. We have time-tested strategies and solutions to protect your intellectual properties. Bring your innovations to public notice using defensive publication.
IP Litigation
We offer intellectual property prosecution, litigation and dispute resolution mechanisms to help our Clients protect IP rights on the creative inventions. Our legal experts give attention to detail in evaluating Intellectual Property agreements, structure licenses, contracts and agreements thoroughly.

Intellectual Property Law Firm Chennai India

IP lawyer India offers you a 360-degree suite of intellectual property services including registration and protection of copyright, trademark, patent and industrial design. We also advise clients regarding enforcement, development, exploitation, and transfer of intellectual property rights.

  • Provides quality IP advice, investigation and prosecution services.
  • Advanced and thorough Patent searching skills.
  • Registration, enforcement and licensing of Trademarks in India and across the World.

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